Welcome to the AEME / RAEME Association ACT.

The Australian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (AEME) / Royal Australian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (RAEME) Association, Australian Capital Territory (ACT) branch has a primary role to foster and develop spirit and tradition throughout the Australian Army RAEME Corps in the ACT and surrounding districts. This is achieved by the Association through the involvement of members in social, military and Corps events in the local region.

The Association is open to all ranks and membership is automatic with no subscription requirements for serving and ex-serving Corps members in the ACT and surrounding district.

This site has been developed as a communication tool for RAEME serving and ex-serving members in the ACT and surrounding area. All attempts have been made to ensure the accuracy of the information supplied. If any errors or broken links are found, or if you have any item or article for inclusion on these pages, please contact the webmaster.


Membership matters

All RAEME members posted to the ACT region are considered to be full members, as are all retired members who live in the region other than those who opt out of Association activities.

No fees or subscriptions are required as part of membership. Not holding funds limits welfare support available from the Association however when required for gifts or other support matters, voluntary donations may be called for.

The Association maintains no stock or supplies for sale. Other State Associations are available to assist with memorability as required.


Participation in the ANZAC Day National Memorial Service March at the Australian War Memorial is a well-attended, significant event every year.

Association Members and any vistors proudly march behind the Association Banner. This is typically followed by drinks and fellowship at the Mecure Hotel, Ainslie (formerly Olims Hotel).

Regular Meetings

The Association have two regular meetings per month. These are open to all Association members or visitors to the region.

The first is informal drinks on the last Tuesday night of every month other than January, April and December. Thisis held at the Gungahlin Lakes Gold Club, commencing at 1930h. This gathering typically doubles as an informal committee meeting where plans for the following month may be discussed.

The next regular meeting is on the first Friday of every month other than January and December. In Feburary, and every second month that follows, the gathering convenes as a traditional Spanner Club where members can come and share each others company over a drink. It convenes at 1600h at a local pub that changes each month to make the event more accessable to those who live in different parts of Canberra.

Starting on the first Friday in March and then every other month from then, the Association gathers for an informal mixed lunch at Ainslie Football Club. This starts at 1230h. No returns are required for this event, nor are there any associated costs other than self-funded meals and drinks. Families are more than welcome.

Other events may be scheduled from time to time as they arise.